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 Welcome + History

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PostSubject: Welcome + History   Sun May 10, 2009 5:41 am

Hi and welcome to the rr`div clan forums,

We are a new gaming clan called royal rifle division aka rr`div if you did not already know that.
We was formed on 9/5/09.

rr`div is a fair clan with strict policies against hackers and unfair players. We hope to provide a pleasent gaming experience and hope to be a friendly enjoyable clan to be part of and to play with, please read through our forums, feel free to register and start posting, maybe even apply for a trial if you like the clan and want to be part of it, questions can be posted on the forums, more private issues could be dealt with via private message or on Xfire. Xfire details are found on the site. Thanks for reading and please read the following history of the clan.

How did it happen?

Well the clan was formed by Mystik(Mystik), r4piiDz(breezr)& tecktonic call of duty v1.4 players
R4piiDz and Mystik came from a clan el1te, what folded, Mystik then went on to post at bb and got his trl granted, then r4piiDz took his chance at bb and applied got his trl then found out Mystik was trl at bb and that was great news, we carried on playing together in servers and go to know each other better.
Tecktonic(stylez) from unlimited offered Mystik a chance to make a clan, When r4piiDz found out Mystik might quit his trl he decided if Mystik left he would, they had a discussion and it was decided they would make clan all 3 leaders, then they came up with name ideas and it was to be rr'Div So we made our own clan.

On the 08/06/09 Zorhan and Vitality applied for the clan, they intended to bring more skill and leadership to the clan and wanted to create their own elite squad. In a matter of days they had a good sized squad with some amazing players from COD. This helped the clan alot, gave it more reputation and more skill. We hope to come out a succesfull, dedicated clan. But we can only do that with your help, if you search clan and complety fill in application form, we may accept you as trial. who knows. We give everyone a chance so no matter what skill level you are, come and apply and we'll review your skill.

We will be getting a server soon so keep an eye out and wait. Thank you for reading...
rr`div Leaders.
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Welcome + History
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